boogiT Delivery

Delivery management software

BoogiT Delivery software includes two modules, a web dispatching order app, where you can create optimal routes for drivers and a mobile app for drivers which acts like a GPS tracker that sends in real time their location.

Driver app

Dispatcher app

Automate dispatch


System automatically assign delivery tickets to the drivers and generates the optimal delivery route. Route planning alghoritm takes into account the pickup and delivery time of the orders, pickup and delivery service time, travel time between locations and traffic.

Live location


In the dispatcher app you can create optimal routes for drivers depending on their location and delivery time of an order, afterwards you can just monitor in real time the drivers.

Also you get informed about the orders which are in delay and how many orders a driver still has to deliver.

Optimize routes


In the mobile app, the driver can see the order delivery priority.

He can see the details for each order and also he can use the features for calling the customer or get directions for his route directly from the app.

Other features


Analyze statistics for different periods of time to find out the exact delivery time or how many orders each driver delivered.


The drivers are notified when a new order is assigned or modified. The Dispatcher is informed about the orders which are almost delayed and the ones which are already delayed.

Salaries report

The system automatically compute the drivers salaries based on the number of delivered orders and area where they was delivered.

Customer tracks drive live location

Improve customer satisfaction by offering them the possiblity to track the driver live location.

API Integration

Using our API you can integrate other applications like your website or your POS application to insert automatically orders into boogiT Delivery system.

Money management

In case of cash payments, keep an easy control of the money which the drivers collects from your customers.

Let's see how it works

Who can use this app?

Application is useful for all kinds of delivery business.

  • Food delivery
  • Beverages
  • Flowers
  • Dry cleaning
  • Medical supplies
  • Our customers